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What is
workforce housing?

Workforce housing fills a fundamental community need by enabling areas with a high cost of living to attract and keep essential employees. Workforce housing is typically reserved for people who make at or below 60% of the Area Median Income (AMI), which is the midpoint of a region’s income distribution as determined by U.S. Census data. Many of the individuals living in workforce housing hold important community roles such as first responders, educators, grocery clerks, factory workers, and healthcare support staff.  Often, these individuals cannot yet afford to or prefer not to own a home. Examples of this include younger renters who are not prepared for home ownership, or seniors on fixed incomes for whom home ownership is no longer practical.

Farmhouse Render.png

Section 42 – Rents are capped

NOT Section 8 housing

Units are income restricted to 60% AMI

30-year land use restriction

Who needs
workforce housing?

22% of Arizona households are rent burdened

There is a 136,032 unit shortage of rental homes across the Valley

27% of households in Congressional District 8 are renter occupied and 24% of those households are severely rent burdened

Who is eligible?

Affordable Housing Income Limits.jpeg

Household Income Limits (2022)

  1 Person:  $37,140

  2 Person:  $42,420

  3 Person:  $47,700

  4 Person:  $52,980

  5 Person:  $57,240

  Maximum Rents (including Utilities)

  1 Bedroom:  $994

  2 Bedroom:  $1,192

  3 Bedroom:  $1,377

Eligibility on an hourly scale...

Hourly Income.png

Walmart Sales and

Management Jobs


Dysart USD

Starting Teacher Salary


Luke AFB

Entry-Level Civilian Jobs


American Express

Customer Service Rep


USPS Postal Carrier


Banner Thunderbird

Medical Center CNA



  • Average family size is 2.3, with no more than 2 residents allowed per room

  • Average unit occupancy time is 40.15 months, or more than 3 years

  • 3% of residents identify as disabled

  • Over 50% of residents are high school graduates or hold an Associate's or technical degree

  • No Arizona Dominium residents currently use welfare for rent payments or income verification

  • On average, Dominium's Arizona residents make between 40% to 60% of the area median income (roughly $22,000-$55,000 annually)

  • Despite the affordability of Dominium's Arizona housing portfolio, 60% of residents are still rent-burdened and spending more than 30% of their income on housing

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