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What we do hits HOME.

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2nd largest owner and operator of affordable housing in the US

51 years in business

23 states

38,000 residential units

Arizona based development and management team

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Dominium Resident

Dominium Renter
Obligations and Values

The following provisions are from Dominium's resident handbook. These provisions are also accounted for in Dominium's lease agreements and are enforceable on tenants:


  • All vehicles must be registered with the management office. Non-operational vehicles of any kind may not be parked or stored on the premises. Any vehicle violating applicable guidelines will be towed at the owner’s expense.

  • Residents are restricted to (1) vehicle per licensed household member, with a maximum of (3) vehicles in the parking lot if space permits.

  • Only vehicles can be parked in the designated parking spaces. Boats, trailers, or other recreational vehicles are not allowed.


  • Trash is required to be disposed of in on-site refuse containers. There is a $25 fee for leaving trash outside of unit doors or on patios/balconies.


  • Pets are to be kept on a leash at all times and pet waste must be disposed of in appropriate refuse containers.

  • Visiting pets are not allowed.

  • Pets are not permitted to be tied up outside or left unattended on patios or balconies.


  • Formal lease complaints will be logged, investigated, and responded to by on-site management.

  • Residents are responsible for the conduct of all members of their household and their guests.

  • Guests are expected to comply with the rules and regulations in this handbook and the resident lease.

  • Only those individuals identified on the lease are permitted to occupy the unit. Allowing persons other than those listed on the lease to reside in a unit may result in lease termination.

  • Patios and balconies are to be kept in a neat, clean condition. Only appropriate patio furnishings (i.e., plants, and patio/lawn furniture) are allowed.

  • Smoking in all common areas is strictly prohibited.

  • Radios, speakers, etc. must be kept at a low volume so as not to disturb others.


  • Strewn toys, bikes,  etc. can be potential hazards to everyone’s safety as well as being unattractive and an inconvenience to neighbors. Items left unattended will be removed and discarded immediately without warning.


  • The following items are some of the actions that can cause eviction:

    • Failure or unwillingness to take proper care of units

    • Disturbing the peace and enjoyment of the community

    • Causing damage to units or any other community property

    • Possessing weapons

    • Possessing illegal drugs

    • Causing more than (2) police calls to your unit or the property based on lease violations

    • Housing unauthorized residents or pets/animals

    • Becoming a danger to health, safety or morals of yourself, neighbors, or the community

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